We know that excess nutrients in the lake can aggravate cyanobacteria blooms. Potential sources of nutrients include erosion and dirty runoff from shoreline properties, as well as poorly functioning septic systems.

A Waste Management Workshop was held recently at the Fairlee Town Hall in the interest of sharing the latest innovations on septic system function and maintenance.

Here is a zoom link to the presentation (fyi – the quality of the video is not great, but you will benefit from the information that is presented):

Wastewater Workshop Zoom Recording

Supporting Documents:

Lakes Fairlee and Morey Wastewater Workshop July 13, 2023

Failed Wastewater System handout (003)

Homeowners Wastewater System handout (004)


Thank you to *Cristin Ashmankas for taking the time from her busy schedule to make this presentation and the follow-up Q&A session.

*Cristin Ashmankas, Hydrogeologist & Sedimentologist,
IA Technology Approvals, Designer Licensing Program Manager,
Compliance Program Administrator, Regional Engineer,
Public Outreach Coordinator
Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division, Regional Office Program