The White River Conservation District (WRNRCD) in partnership with the Lake Morey Watershed organizations are working to address some of the troubling trends that have been observed in the data about water quality in Lake Morey.  The Vermont Lake Score Card lists Lake Morey as “stressed” with increasing total phosphorus. An EPA-funded National Lakes Assessment Study found that Vermont Lakes are most at risk from poor Shoreland Development Practices.  Implementing shoreland Best Management Practices can help reverse these disturbing trends.

The Lake Wise Program is a voluntary program administered by the VT Agency of Natural Resources.  Lake Wise aims to inform, teach, and change the current lakeshore development practices from clearing shores and building sea walls, to practices that are more lake-friendly and known to effectively protect the lake.

Through Lake Wise, participants receive technical assistance for addressing erosion problems, mitigating runoff, and enhancing shoreland vegetation to protect lake quality and enhancing wildlife habitat. Vermont lakeshore owners earning the Lake Wise Award will help create a movement towards more lake-friendly living around Vermont lakes, thereby greatly improving protection for wildlife habitat and lake water quality.

If you would like to learn more about the Lake Wise Program, please contact Lisa Niccolai, Conservation Specialist, White River Conservation District.