The Lake Morey Protective Association takes an active role in protecting and maintaining the health and vitality of Lake Morey and its environment. We endeavor to keep our members and community informed on issues and concerns that affect our environment. 

We learn more everyday about how our actions can have long-lasting effects on the health and vitality of our environment. This has a direct impact on our own health as well. Toxic air, soil and water are all too prevalent – but it is not too late to change our actions and stop, possibly reverse, some of these adverse conditions.

We all need to look at our every day lives and consider where we can make changes that can be impactful. Knowledge is the best place to start. Please review the following information and see what changes you can make so that you can become a good steward of the environment.

Be a Good Lake Steward – Take Action – Stay Informed

Adopt-A-Lake Program
Milfoil and Other Aquatic Invasives
Local Terrestrial Invasives
Boat Access Greeter Program
The Problem with Polystyrene
Lake Wise Program
Lake Watershed Action Plan
Best Practices