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Time to pull this INVASIVE PLANT

The following information taken from: Wise on Weeds, The Nature Conservancy, Montpelier, Vermont, “Wild Chervil Invasive Fact Sheet” online pdf.

Wild chervil invades Vermont’s fields and forests. It is easy to see in May and June in May and June when its white flowers are in bloom.

The Problem:

  •  Wild chervil (Anthriscus sylvestris) spreads quickly. Seeds are dispersed by wind, mowers and animals. Plants  also reproduce vegetatively by producing 5-10 crowns per plant.
  •  Chervil replaces native grasses and wildflowers.
  •  Hayfields can be destroyed by chervil. It produces poor quality forage and hay for grazing animals.
  •  It probably arrived in New England as a component of British wildflower seed mixes which were used to  recreate the floral meadows of Britain. Wild chervil may still be found in some wildflower seed packets and  buyers should make sure they have a complete list of plants within generic mixes that they are purchasing.

Manual treatment can be moderately effective for treatment of Wild chervil. • Wild chervil is a prolific seeder, thus treatment should happen before plants flower (typically in mid May-early June) to avoid the mature plants setting seed.

  • Pull entire plant by the base of the stem
  • Be sure to remove entire root system including the “s” shaped tap root
  • Put all pulled vegetation in plastic garbage bags and let plants fully decompose and dispose of in a landfill

Identification: White Delicate Flowers, Fern-like leaf

Common Look-Alikes: Queen Anne’s Lace, Common Caraway

CAUTION! This plant contains toxins that cause minor skin irritation.  When treating, wear appropriate clothing to prevent resinous substances from contacting skin.

For more information: Vermont Invasives Wise on Weeds, Nature Conservancy

 Have you ever looked at the Lake and thought “What is that stuff”? Attend this Presentation to get your ?s answered

The Lake Morey Commission would like to advise of an educational seminar that will take place in Fairlee on Saturday, June 17th . In the past, New England lakes and rivers have seen a blue-green algae present for a short period in the spring and fall. Blue-green algae are common and natural to our waters. As with any bacteria, there are some precautions when coming in contact with this form of bacteria. Angela Shambaugh, State of Vermont Environmental Scientist,  will cover these precautions in her presentation followed by a question & answer period.

June 17th   10 AM

Fairlee Fire Station training room on Lake Morey Road.

All interested residents are invited to this informative seminar.

The Fairlee Palisades

The cliff tops are closed April to August to protect the nesting Peregrine Falcons.”Peregrine nesting is well underway this spring,” said John Buck, Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department biologist.  “The falcons are very sensitive to human presence so we ask climbers and hikers to please avoid the nests with a respectful distance.  The closures help people to choose an alternative route in advance.”

LMPA celebrates our 110th Anniversary with our eye towards greater safety on the road this summer


$12 each

Men’s M, L, XL, 2XL & Ladies S, M, and L.

Checks payable to LMPA preferred, but cash also accepted.

Hazardous Waste Special Collections :

Let’s keep our Lake free from paint and hazardous waste! The annual collections will take place as follows :

Saturday, Sept. 10 : from 9 AM – 1 PM for paint , batteries, fluorescent  & CFL bulbs.

Saturday, Sept. 24 : from 9 AM – 1 PM for household hazardous waste .

Place : Bradford Town Garage on Fairground Road  : just north of downtown on the left.

No charge for Sept. 10th.

$ 20 per carload for the hazardous waste on the 24th.

Join with your neighbors and get these materials safely away from the Lake and to this annual collection.

Adopt-a-Lake Form Deadline – September 15th

click here for details – Thank you to all who help in this effort to control Milfoil in our Lake!

Last summer may be a distant memory but that doesn’t mean that nothing is happening on Lake Morey. The Lake Morey Ice Skating Trail is the longest groomed ice trail in the United States. Crossing the entire lake from north to south, or some winters circling the lake’s perimeter, the trail offers panoramic views and the chance to spot a bald eagle. Check the calendar to see some of the special events happening throughout the winter or just bring your skates or snowshoes and get to know Lake Morey in a whole new way. You can also rent skates at the Lake Morey Resort Skate Shack. Click here to read more information and to view a map of the Lake.

See the first edition of our Family Fun Page in the newsletters section.  How many of your wild lake shore neighbors do you know?

Annual Hazardous Waste Pick-up: Sept. 6 for Paint, Batteries, fluorescent & CFL Bulbs and Sept. 27th for Household Hazardous Waste – Check calendar for more information or visit the Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District website.

INCIDENT REPORT – update: The LMPA member’s vehicle that was stolen on Sunday morning, August 3rd, has been found.  REMINDER : Please lock your vehicles and take the keys with you !

Lake Morey Foundation Celebrates 30 Years – All are invited to help commemorate 30 years of the Lake Morey Foundation! Please join the party on Sunday, Aug. 31, 5:00 – 7:00 pm at the Lake Morey Resort Terrace.  There will be drinks, hors d’oeuvres and music for all to enjoy as we celebrate the LMF’s founders.  Please RSVP by Aug.10 by emailing and indicate the number attending.  Hope to see many families and friends there! Contact Patty Armstrong at if you have any questions.

LMPA Bylaws – An amended version of the bylaws will be presented and be put to a vote by the membership at the annual meeting on July 19th. Click here for a red-lined copy for your review.

Adopt-a-Lake 2014 – Lake Morey is looking very clear. All the better to search for milfoil! While you’re enjoying Lake Morey, please remember to keep your eyes out for milfoil and track your time searching, pulling, and plucking out fragments. For more information, click here. ” The 2013 summer/fall season may be behind us, but the Lake Morey community stays active throughout all four seasons. For this reason, we will be posting various winter and early spring events on our website. Check back often to see the myriad activities available.

We are excited to welcome LMPA member Denise Drouin as our website coordinator! Denise will continue to refine the website’s content and format so it is user friendly and provides a variety of information our members find easily accessible. You may also see design and navigation changes during this time as we reformat material from our previous site. Please send your feedback and suggestions to Denise Thanks for your input!

An updated LMPA Directory for 2013-2014 was distributed this past summer. Please note the correct phone number for the VT State Police in Bradford is 222-4680.  However, emergencies should be reported by dialing 911.