Join the LMPA

Why Join?


The Lake Morey Protective Association takes an active role in protecting and maintaining the health and vitality of Lake Morey. We also offer programs to help keep our members safe in our lake environment and keep them knowledgeable concerning outdoor activities.

There are approximately 120 lake dwellings, with close to 100% membership, and numerous other family, associate and business members, bringing our total membership to over 200.

We urge all lake lovers to join our organization. Dues are set by the Board of Directors. Annual notices are sent out in April to current members and payable by June 1.


Membership Categories

$50 – Lake Member – owners or residents of property on or within 500 feet of the shoreline.

$25 – Family Member* – relatives (over the age of 18) of Lake Members.

$25 – Associate Member – those (over the age of 18) who possess an affinity for Lake Morey.

$60 – Business Member – businesses and organizations who wish to support the LMPA.

Lake, Family and Associate Memberships include up to 2 member listings in the Membership Directory.

*Lake Member Level must be in place prior to adding Family Member Level, per cottage/residence.

Once you join the LMPA, we encourage you to sign up for online access – on the Members Only tab – where you can create your member profile and access the Membership Directory.

All registrations are reviewed prior to approval for accuracy and to maintain member privacy.

You will be notified by email once your registration is active (this may take up to 48 hours – we thank you in advance for your patience).

*We reserve the right to deny access if we are unable to confirm the membership status of the registrant or if we are unable to verify registrant’s identity.