Lost & Found

The weather can wreak havoc on outdoor/lake items – wind and high
water, even human error can send our stuff floating or even flying onto other properties.
We have created this space to help everyone reconnect with their missing items.

  • If you find or lose an item, use the “Leave a Reply” section to post as a comment. Please include your name, and a description of the item.
  • To respond to a posted comment, click on Reply in the related Comment box.
  • You can then use the Directory to look up the needed contact information.
  • Don’t forget to return to this page to see if there is a response to your post – All comments with be list below the Leave a Comment Form, so scroll down the page.

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11 thoughts on “Lost & Found

  1. Escaped aluminum-bodied float has been chilling on Aloha’s shore near their boathouse for about three weeks. Come and get it!

  2. Dec. 18, 2023 – There is a large float (looks like a seat type float) heading north on Lake Morey. It is orange, yellow & black – It is marked with the words BIG & Marle.

  3. FOUND : An “ AQUA FLOAT” brand aluminum swim float is loose in the lake as of 6PM today( Sept. 21 ). Contact Bruce Durgin ( text or call 303-601-6700 ) if it’s yours. Cheers!

  4. Found Saturday night, 8/12, floating off our dock, a red/yellow/orange kayak with seat opening cover; separately, neighbor found black paddle floating as well. If it belongs to you or someone you know, please contact me. Martha Bacigalupo Pine Lodge 2620 LMR. bonniebaci@verizon.net or 781 718-8319

  5. Found Saturday, 8/12, floating off our dock at night, a red, yellow & orange kayak with brown cover over opening. Also, a neighbor separately found a black paddle. Please email me if it belongs to you.

  6. A red kayak is missing from our waterfront. It could not have slipped off the retaining wall by itself. If you have any info to share, it will be greatly appreciated. Our cottage is Craigie Lea at 4940 Lake Morey Road.