Lake Morey & Area Trail Systems


LMPA families are the beneficiaries of miles of beautiful trails surrounding the lake community.  Through the early efforts of the Lake Morey Foundation, trails were marked, cleared and mapped predominantly along the west side of the lake.  Friends of Fairlee Forests, a local volunteer organization, has recently spearheaded identifying forest habitats, clearing debris and replacing trail markers. With the assistance of the Upper Valley Trails Alliance they have also updated a map of the trails.  Additionally, the Cross Rivendell Trails Association organizes activities and maintains trail sections that give hikers access to their extensive network.

Trail Maps & Info

 Morey Mountain Conservation Area The Morey Mountain Conservation Area parking area can be accessed at 4707 Lake Morey Road, Fairlee, VT. Four miles of looping trails run through the majority of the property from the Lake Morey Road parking lot, up through the forest, and eventually connecting with the Palisades trail to a beautiful lookout over Route 5 and the Connecticut River.


Cross Rivendell Trails Association

Trail Map



Upper Valley Trails Alliance




Picture of Lake Morey Skate Trail



Lake Morey Skating Trail

hosted by Town of  Fairlee and the Lake Morey Resort

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Fairlee Gardeners

“Two hours, many laughs, and many buckets of weeds and clippings later, we declared an initial victory! Many hands do indeed make work easier and more fun.”

Gardeners of all levels of experience are invited to join the Fairlee Gardeners as they take on projects around our town. Year-round and seasonal members are welcome.

For more info, contact

Fairlee Marsh Wildlife Management Area

On the Connecticut River and is accessible by boat


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