The Lake Morey Foundation (LMF) was created in 1984 as an independent 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  The intent was to give individuals, businesses and community organizations a vehicle by which to make tax-deductible donations to further the Foundation’s mission:  to help protect, preserve, conserve and enhance Lake Morey in Fairlee, VT, and its watershed and viewshed as an environmental, recreational and economic resource.

The Foundation encourages and expands upon the efforts of the LMPA and other local and state organizations to enrich the ecosystem of Lake Morey and to facilitate an interactive community revolving around Lake Morey’s water quality, along with its natural and man-made surroundings. To achieve its mission, the Lake Morey Foundation provides grant funding for projects, programs and activities that focus on the lake in one or more of the following ways:

  • Protect water quality
  • Preserve surrounding environment & conserve natural resources
  • Enhance community initiatives

Some of the projects that have benefited from LMF funding include the many benches found around the lake, the development of the Lake Morey trails, the community beach house and other town initiatives, the preservation of surrounding forests, and the control of aquatic invasive species.

Please go to the Lake Morey Foundation’s website ( to learn more about grant opportunities that support this mission and encourage the preservation of Lake Morey for the enjoyment of all who visit the lake and its surroundings.

Information concerning tax-deductible donations can be found on their Donation page.

Lake Morey Commission

Officially named the Lake Morey Advisory Commission, this body of individuals from the lake community is appointed by the Fairlee Selectboard to provide an interface with the Board on significant lake matters.  It was established in the late 1970’s to address the phosphorous loading of the lake that culminated in the alum treatment in 1986 and has been active since 1991 in pursuing effective control methodologies for the lake’s milfoil infestation.

Current Members:  Don Weaver-Chair, Greg Allen,  Bruce Durgin , Byron Stone

Lake Fairlee AssociationLake Fairlee Association

The Lake Fairlee Association (LFA) was formed to preserve, protect and enhance the distinctive ecology and natural resources of Lake Fairlee and its watershed.

Visit the Lake Fairlee Loon Cam

Federation of Vermont Lakes and PondsThe Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds – FOVLAP

The Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds (FOVLAP) is one of the oldest nonprofit stakeholders to promote Vermont water quality. From its inception in 1972 and evolution into a statewide organization in 2001, FOVLAP remains dedicated to fostering environmental quality standards and preserving Vermont lakes, ponds, watersheds, and aquatic ecosystems.

Friends of Fairlee Forests

Friends of Fairlee Forest (FFF) is a coalition of Fairlee community members interested in the environmental, recreational, educational, and aesthetic resource values of the Fairlee Municipal Forest and its trails.