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Questions or comments concerning Lake Morey or the Fairlee community? Lost and Found Items? Something you would like to share with your  LMPA neighbors? Enter your questions or info here; approved information or questions  will be added to this feed.

10 thoughts on “Lake Chat

  1. Boat propellers beware!
    Mark Scott states that while kayaking near the Saladino cove he noticed a submerged (just below the surface) large piece of wood (perhaps landscaping timber?) that he was not able to tow out with his kayak.

  2. I had a yellow kayak either stolen or float away from my dock on the west side. If anyone saw a lonely yellow kayak somewhere in the boat launch area on July 24 or 25th.please contact me at 860 6597018. Bob.

  3. I have a 14 foot Force 5 I am not able to use alone. ANyone wanting to use it or sail it please call 603 252 2520. MY dock is open to keep it here or move to your own dock. BEth Barrett

  4. Let’s see, based on our scientific calculations….Clint and I think ice out will happen on April 30th.


    I would like to see who can guess the exact day of Ice Out for 2015 ! As last year’s victor, my guess for 2015 is April 28th.

    Make you best guess know here ! Join in the fun…..LMPA might even spring for a prize this year….no prize last year ! Think summer !!!!!

  6. Thank you, campers and counselors of Aloha Camp! Your generous donation of $444.00 to the LMPA will be put to good use. It’s because of donations like this, we, the LMPA can continue to maintain this beautiful lake of ours.

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