Clean, Drain, Dry to Help Protect our Fish Populations

The spiny water flea has been found in Lake Champlain and it could find its way into our Lake. Please practice clean, drain, dry when enjoying any boating activities!

Keep a sponge or towel handy to insure any standing water is thoroughly dried out to prevent the transport of the tiny water flea and other aquatic invasive species from one body of water to another (Research indicates drying is the most effective way to kill all life stages of the spiny water flea).
Spiny water fleas are tiny, almost transparent zooplankton about one centimeter in length. These small predacious crustaceans have a voracious appetite for smaller native zooplankton species, one of the foods that other fish eat in their early stages of development. By feeding on the lake’s plankton, this invasive can impoverish the food chain for young walleye, perch and many other species of fish. Spiny water fleas are aptly named because of the long barbed tail that makes up about 70% of their entire body length.

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