Membership and Dues:

The LMPA’s bylaws outline four categories of membership:
Lake Members — owners, occupiers or residents of property on or within 500 feet of the shoreline
Family Members — relatives or members (over the age of 18) of Lake Members
Associate Members — those (over the age of 18) who possess an affinity for Lake Morey or own, lease or occupy real estate in Fairlee, VT
Commercial Members — individuals or organizations which own and/or operate a commercial enterprise or endeavor in the Lake Morey region who wish to support the purpose of the LMPA

There are approximately 120 lake dwellings, with close to 100% membership, and numerous other family, associate and commercial members bringing our total membership to just over 200.

Dues:  We urge all lake lovers to join our organization.  Dues are set by the Board of Directors.  Annual notices are sent out in April to current members and payable by June 1.  For the current Membership application/dues form, click here.