Lake Morey, located in Fairlee, Vermont, is named after local resident Samuel Morey, pioneer inventor of the steam engine.  The lake has a surface area of approximately 544 acres, an average depth of 28 feet, and a maximum depth of 43 feet.  Fairlee is home to one of the oldest lake communities in Vermont dating back to 1880.

The Lake Morey Protective Association (LMPA) was founded in 1907, making it the oldest lake association in the state of Vermont.  The first meeting was held August 2, 1907, in the Casino at the south end of the lake.  Earlier references to “communication by telegraph” reflect the longevity of the organization.  Members incorporated in 1934 with the stated purpose of  “…preserving the natural environment of Lake Morey in the town of Fairlee Vermont and its immediate surroundings, and safeguarding the health and promotion of the interests of cottage and property owners.”

Governed by a Board of Directors, the LMPA holds its annual business meeting in July. The date will be posted in the calendar. The meeting is conducted at the Lake Morey Resort and is open to all LMPA members and guests.

The May/June 2010 issue of Upper Valley Life, in an article describing lake associations, identified the LMPA as “the best example of such an association in the Upper Valley.”  The author highlighted LMPA successes in monitoring water quality, sponsoring the “Adopt-A-Lake” program, and combating Eurasian milfoil.