Welcome to Lake Morey 

Founded in 1907, the purposes of the LMPA are preserving the natural environment of Lake Morey in the Town of Fairlee, Vermont, and its immediate surroundings, safeguarding its health, and promoting the interests of its members.

Join visiting families, friends and residents in activities focused on the lake and its environs. Volunteer for the various programs, report adopt-a-lake hours, and help at an event. Learn to identify invasive species and maintain an ecologically-sound, environmentally-friendly waterfront.
Enjoy all Lake Morey and its surroundings have to offer!

Public Town Forest Meeting
November 3rd - 6 pm
Town Hall and Zoom

The Friends of Fairlee Forest encourage all Fairlee residents, taxpayers, and businesses, especially those in retail, real estate, hospitality and recreation, to participate in this important town meeting. 
The meeting has been called by the Selectboard to gather information from the community that will assist them in stewardship of our large and environmentally important town forest.
Whether in person or on zoom, all participants will have the opportunity to register their preferences on topics such as recreational uses and access, forestry practices, and environmental and economic considerations, as determined by the moderator and Selectboard. The meeting will be moderated by Russ Hirschler of the Upper Valley Trails Alliance and his team of discussion facilitators.
Information on the Forest and on issues to be considered at the meeting can be found at the Friends of Fairlee Forest website, www.fairleeforest.org.  This includes maps and background information on the Forest such as: regulations governing use; pros and cons of various options for use; information about the costs and potential sources of revenue involved in managing the forest; carbon storage and sequestration; and a list of resources and links for further study. The zoom link and meeting information can also be found on the Town website, http://www.fairleevt.org
This is the first chance since 1980 for Fairlee taxpayers to have a voice in how we want this valuable natural resource to be used and managed. It may or may not be the last chance, but we hope you won’t let the opportunity pass by.