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The purposes of this corporation are preserving the natural environment of Lake Morey and its immediate surroundings and promoting lake related interests.

Join families, friends and residents in activities focused on the lake and its environs. Volunteer for the various programs, report adopt-a-lake hours, and help at an event. Learn to identify invasive species and maintain an ecologically-sound, environmentally-friendly waterfront.

Enjoy all Lake Morey and its surroundings have to offer.

Your Spring Yard Work And Lakes

The crocus  are past, daffodils are fading, and the tulips are coloring up! My thoughts have turned away from snow shovels and towards my garden spade. As the weather warms up, I am itching to get outside for spring chores. For many of us, one of those chores is making sure that plants in the yard have what they need to grow well. Weeding, pruning, and fertilizing are the things we do to keep them happy. If you live on or near a lake, you should also be thinking about how these things might affect your local waters.

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Update from the Town of Fairlee – October 23,2023

Update on Lake Morey Alum Treatment

The Town of Fairlee has asked the LMPA to update our members as to the status of the Alum treatment for Lake Morey. They have informed us that we are on track for the treatment in late Spring/early Summer 2024. 

A May timeline was provided by Peter LaFlamme, Director of the DEC ANR Watershed Agency. Pursuant to a meeting on October 17, 2023 which the Town and our contractor, Solitude, attended with the State agencies, the State confirmed that the Town is current with the ANR and the Clean Water Board on all permitting and funding paths. The ANR is working to continue its collaboration between Solitude and the Agency to resolve any outstanding needs in order to allow the Town of Fairlee to meet State and Federal EPA standards for the treatment in May.

Our Town Administrator, Ryan Lockwood, and Tad Nunez, are coordinating efforts with ANR, the Clean Water board and Solitude to move these processes forward and the expectation is that the Town will continue to have conversations with Amy at the Wastewater Division before the 30-day public hearing process which can be expected to happen in the March/April timeframe.

link to: Town of Fairlee Alum Treatment page

For more information on cyanobacteria, it’s effects on Lake Morey and treament to mitigate the problem with alum, check out the Cyanobacteria page, found under the Lake Health tab.

For more information, go to our LWAP page, found under Lake Health