Located in Fairlee, Vermont, the Lake Morey Protective Association (LMPA), founded in 1907, is working to preserve the pristine beauty of Lake Morey and promote recreational and social opportunities for its members.

Join visiting families, friends and residents in activities focused on the lake and its environs. Volunteer for the greeter program, report adopt-a-lake hours, and help at an event. Learn to identify invasive species and maintain an ecologically-sound, environmentally-friendly waterfront.
Enjoy all Lake Morey and its surroundings have to offer!



Applications are now being accepted for the
Lake Morey Public Access Greeter Program.

Aquatic invasive species – non-native species that cause ecological harm when introduced into bodies of water outside of their natural range – continue to be a great concern in Vermont, demanding our attention as well as our resources. Aquatic invasive species ( AIS ) are spread by overland transport of watercraft, trailers, fishing and recreational equipment. The most effective way to prevent spread is through education and equipment inspections to clean and remove potential invasive species “hitching a ride” on equipment. Preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species is far more effective and economically sensible than eradicating invasive species once they are established. Public Access Greeters educate lake visitors about invasive species, provide courtesy watercraft inspections and STOP introductions

For more information and a link to the Job Application, click here.  Application due by April 3, 2017